Spill a Little Water on Yourself and Don’t Mention It.

DM Your Not So Close Friends Instagram Ads

Calling Songs Pieces

…………………………….. GGGOOOAAAATTT!

Sharing Your Nashville Hot Chicken Recipe

Getting a Pet Tiger/Cheetah/Camel and Bringing it to Brunch.

Calling CBS CVS and CVS CBS

The Olives Have Pits In Them

Pay Bobby Dolan Pt. 3

Pay Bobby Dolan a Dollar

Venmoing People With Your Name

Covering Someone’s Eyes and Screaming While They Drive.

Clicking Cute Shit on Amazon So Your Facebook Ads are Full of Cute Shit.

Adding “Penis” to Songs

Bringing Bread to Quiznos and See If They’ll Toast It.

Creating A Weird Voice/Character In Someone’s Head

Groping Dudes at Work

Finishing Your Drink and Handing It Off

Watching “The Game” at a Winery


“Go Drink Your Diet Coke For Breakfast”

Planting Magnums

The Linkedin Hack

Only Shots

Be The Guy Everyone Secretly Hates

The Idea of Surfing

Create An Awkward Situation Through Networking


Calling Out Haters When You Clearly Have No Haters

Over-The-Top Ray Rice Statuses

Hit Your Girlfriend With an Extremely Advanced Sports Question

Give Directions In Political Terms

Using Awful Metaphors To Describe How Heavy Something Is

Getting Mad Over The Color Shirt Someone Is Wearing

Wearing Man Thongs

Go Bush-League on Bathroom Etiquette

Autographing Random Things at Work

Assume a Random Dude Is On Your Side In a Fake Fight

Order a Big Mac at Starbucks

Creating Fictional Band T-Shirts

Texting/Tweeting In “SportsCenter Sidebar”

Not Seeing a Popular Chick Flick So You Can Run the “Oh I Haven’t Seen That Movie We Should See It Some Time” Game.

Fake Gift For Co-Worker

Going to Random Hotels to Get Free Continental Breakfast

How to Attack a Stupid Status

Band T-Shirts On Bebs

Dressing Up Your Lamp


Telling Chicks You’re Engaged When You’re Not

Calling Someone a “Snooze Button”

Getting Fat As Shit

Farting With a Purpose

Making A Shirt To Promote How Much Your Friend Sucks

Wasuh Doo!?!?!?

Saying “Job Opening” When a Waiter Drops a Plate

Fake Stories

Referencing Numbers To Athletes

Downgrading Your Athleticism in Pre-Game Warm-Ups

Mimic Everything Manti Te’o Did

Being Radically Real

Wearing An Awesome T-Shirt + Blazer

Creating Your Own Hip-Hop Verse

Calling Budweisers Rustics

The Nice Bathroom Experience

Slammin 5-Hour Energies

Shotgunning Only Half Of Your Beer (Then Tossing It)

Random Catch Phrases Between Your Friends

Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge

Water Shots

Knowing The Unpopular Songs Of One Hit Wonders

The Craigslist Fake Traveler

Asking For Obscure Exotic Drinks

Accusing Someone Of Fake Stealing

The Stranger

Getting Overly Jacked Up When Your Friend Succeeds

Comparing Someone’s Name To Someone Else’s Name

Forcing Someone To Be The Designated Driver

Sending A Fake Wrong Text Message

Acting As A College Coach At High School Football Games

Loving Glamorous By Fergie

Taking A Friendly Greeting Literally

Insulting Every Detail About Someone’s Meal

Bringing An Excess Of Alcohol To Social Functions

Over Apologizing For A Minor Fault

Changing Your Sneeze Everytime

Get a Free Lunch From Your Buddy

Never Fist Bump Anyone Ever Again

The Ole Coffee Mug Salute

Tossing Your Beer Cap

Buying Domain Names