Texting/Tweeting In “SportsCenter Sidebar”

SportsCenter Sidebar has been around for a handful of years now and you know what… I don’t like it. I remember young Bobby would turn on SportsCenter and patiently wait 45 minutes to watch highlights of a Capitals game he was at the night before… That kinda shit turned me into a man. Now 1/24th of my SportsCenter screen is filled with spoiler alerts, failed puns and never answered questions.

“PENS DOMINATE” – Great thanks for ruining the surprise.

“DENVER FEELS THE HEAT!” – We get it dude… You’re awesome.

“BRADY UPSET?” – I watched the segment and still have no idea.

Truthfully, it’s a dream job of mine and if I ever landed that gig I would COMPLETELY revolutionize the Sidebar game. Each phrase would end with !?!?!? SPURS WIN!??! I’d make shit up, “LeBron Dead!?!?!?” I’d constantly insult the SportsCenter crew. “SCHEFTER’S A FAG!”

The move is simple. Text/Tweet your buddies something personal but make it short, sweet, and stupid. Follow it up with – SportsCenter Sidebar. “Blaze to San Diego!?!?” – SportsCenter Sidebar. “Dehart Depressed!?!?” – SportsCenter Sidebar. I’m telling ya it’s a STRONG PLAY, Texting/Tweeting In “SportsCenter Sidebar”… Could Be The Move.


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