Acting Like Your Camera is Frozen During a Google Hangout.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 9.25.16 PMCOVID-19. This shit is crazy man. Isolation is here and by the looks of it…. it’ll be around for quite some time.. For a social person like myself, it’s a grind. I constantly pace around my apartment: I open windows, my balcony door, check my fridge, push-ups, sit-ups, texts, texts, texts, I pace faster and faster… AH! Isolation Grind Sesh 2.0! The only thing that calms me down (other than my guitar… deep I know) is squading up and gettin’ a Google Hangout going. I love it man. I mess around with the effects, lil’ shades, lil’ space, inside jokes, its great!

A Move I thought of today and one that I’ll pull of tomorrow is acting like your camera is frozen. Start talking then freeze. Don’t talk, blink, breathe. Still, completely still. Start hearing, “Uh-oh, I think Bobby got disconnected.” Snap out of it. “AHHH got ya!” Best Move ever? Eh. Middle school humor? Sure. A quick giggle to help pass the time? Fuck yeah. Acting Like Your Camera is Frozen During a Google Hangout. Could Be The Move.

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