Class Up the Fast Food.

An OG writeup…. Had to go old school on this one. Was thinking about making this a video but deep down I knew I wouldn’t be able to effectively communicate how I truly feel.

Life comes at you fast. One minute you’re at work firing off emails, the next you’re rushing to your intramural basketball game, all of a sudden you’re back at your apartment with a bag of fast food queing up the Yanks/Os highlights. In this fast paced environment it’s easy to sacrifice: Maybe push back a call to the Mom, “I’ll do laundry tomorrow”, or even the ole’ “I’ll just use this bag as a plate so I don’t have to do the dishes” Move.

Sure… there was a place and time where I believed the “bag plate” Could Be The Move. Quick cleanup and at the end of the day just got the job done. Little did I know a consequence of this Move would be a snowball of effecient sloppy Moves. My brain disregarded class and self respect. The efficeint switch had been fully flipped and all I looked for were different ways to save time and money. Until one day @aenemated sent me a post of him plating fast food. I gave it a try…. Immediately I could feel my brain slick it’s hair back and throw on a tie; I was classy again.

Marty takes it a step further. Not only is he plating his bacon McDouble and medium fry but he adds a lovely ketchup decour. All of a sudden we’re at a cool new burger joint in town. A place with records on the wall and Sublime Spotify radio playing. Good for you Marty. Stay classy. Class Up the Fast Food. Could Be The Move.

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