Random Catch Phrases Between Your Friends

Every group of friends has their own distinct language. Each language consists of certain words or phrases that sound like one thing but mean something entirely different. It’s extremely intimidating getting thrown into a conversation with a group of friends that have been conversing for years. They finish each others sentences, add on perfect comments to jokes, their inside jokes are well over year head and who really likes explaining inside jokes. I’m thinking the new move is to start a phrase with your buddies where nobody really knows the meaning. “Damn, last night was awesome. I mean, talk about your all-time tuck & roll!” Let your imagination run wild on this one, “Just classic free shipping.” “Might as well head to the replay booth.” “Let’s just say someone must of left the screen door open.” The more obtuse the phrase the better. Make sure to aware your friends of this new move and when you are out in public use the phrase and notice how many questions you get about the phrase. “What does that even mean?” “What do you mean I’m classic free shipping?” Just go with the flow, “I can’t really describe it, I mean just look at you, your classic free shipping. Tommy! Come over here and tell this girl why she’s classic free shipping.” Random catch phrases between your friends, COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Written by: Bobby D. / Move by: Jason H. (New York, NY)

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