Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge

Blazin ChallengeGreatest place on earth? Umm… Cheay! They serve the beers tall, the placement of the important games are always spot on, they don’t pride themselves as the “Come watch the UFC fight here” like some other tool-bag places but most importantly their wing sauces have their own scale. From smiling (mild) to “What was I thinking, I need more beer, what else helps the burn? I can’t feel my lips. Is it going to be this painful coming out?” Well that’s what I sound like anyway. My friend on the other hand went all alpha male on everyone last night and did the “BLAZIN CHALLENGE”. In the Blazin Challenge you must eat 12 of their spiciest wings in 6 minutes. Then rest for 2 minutes before having anything cool you down. Needless to say my friend was a freakin’ boss, cool as a cucumber, peeling the chicken off the bone like a starving child. “You don’t need to eat that much of the wing,” our waitress says. “Don’t tell me my business woman,” he didn’t say that but his cold stare pretty much said, “This is my moment, this is my time, this is why god put me on this planet.” Of course he succeeded, I don’t hang out with losers. The manager brought out a coozie, a t-shirt and a certificate that better be framed come Monday. I told him a killer a move would be to put this moment on his resume. That could definitely be a future move. Congrats again to my friend for completing the Blazin’ Challenge. This is why god put you on the planet my friend #blessed #workhardstayhumble #nopressurenodiamonds

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