Referencing Numbers To Athletes

This is a grade-A varsity move. If you can pull this move off you will immediately become cooler than 90% of the people you hang out with. I used to pull off this move all the time when I was a caddie. “How far we got Bobby?” “One-hundred and Ray Borque.” Observing the puzzled faces was classic, “Sorry one-hundred and seventy-seven.” Not my fault he didn’t know Ray Borque wore #77. Move #48 is a top secret language for observant sports fans; join the party. Take a look below and memorize, because referencing numbers to athletes, COULD BE THE MOVE!

*Note: 60-79 is pretty much a snooze fest. I suggest taking two players into the #. For instance, #62, “Bill Russell and Derek Jeter.”*

*By all means use #’s you are familiar with. Below is a solid list in case you are drawing a blank.*

0- Russell Westbrook, 1- Warren Moon, Oscar Robertson, Ozzie Smith 2- Derek Jeter, Aaron Brooks 3- Babe Ruth,  Iverson, 4- Bobby Orr, Lou Gehrig 5- Craig Whelihan, Jalen Rose, KG, Pujols, Lindstrom 6- Bill Russell, Stan Musial,  7- Mickey Mantle, John Elway 8- Cal Ripken, Ovechkin, Kobe, Steve Young 9- Ted Williams, Gordie Howe, Brady Anderson, Jordan (Dream Team)

10- Pele, Messi, Maradona 11- Mark Messier, Bledsoe, Malone LA 12- Tom Brady, Stockton, Peter Bondra, Jordan (1-Game) 13- Dan Marino, Kurt Warner, Wilt, A-Rod, Datsyuk 14- Pete Rose, Brandon Shannahan 15- Bart Starr 16- Joe Montana, Brett Hull,  17- John Havlicek, Chris Clark 18- Peyton Manning 19- Johnny Unitas, Yzerman

20- Barry Sanders, Gay Payton 21- Tim Duncan, Roberto Clemente, Primetime, 22- Emmitt Smith, Mike Bossy 23- Jordan 24- Willie Mays, KOBE 25- Barry Bonds 26- Wade Boggs, Clinton Portis 27- Scot Niedermayer, Craig Berube 28- Darrel Green, Marshall Faulk 29- Eric Dickerson, Satchel Paige

30- Nolan Ryan, Mary Brodeur 31- Greg Maddux, Reggie Miller, Curtis Joseph, 32- Magic Johnson, Shaq Orlando, Malone 33- Bird, Pippen, Jabbar, Roy 34- Walter Payton, Hakeem, Nolan, Shaq LA Ryan 35- Kevin Durant, Frank Thomas 36- Jerome Bettis, Shaq in Boston 37- Shaun Alexander, Metta World Peace, Patrice Bergeron 38- Curt Schilling, Pavel Demitra 39- Dominik Hasek, Greg Ostertag

40- Gale Sayers, Mike Alstott, Shawn Kemp 41- Dirk Nowitzki, Tom Seaver, Henrik Zetterberg 42- Jackie Robinson, Mariano Rivera 43- Richard Petty, Dennis Eckersley  44- Hank Aaron, Jerry West, Chris Pronger 45- Jordan, Pedro Martinez, Bob Gibson 46- Andy Pettitte, Bo Outlaw 47- Tom Glavine, John Lynch 48- Jimmie Johnson, Daniel Breire 49-  Shandon Anderson

50- David Robinson 51- Ichiro, Randy Johnson 52- Ray Lewis 53- Don Drysdale 54- Brian Urlacher, Horace Grant 55- Dikembe Mutumbo, Seau, Sergei Gonchar  56- LT, Sergei Zubov 57- Clay Matthews, Franciso Rodriguez 58- Kris Letang, Jonathan Papelbon 59- Annika Sorentam Bobby D. Pee Wi Football

60- Jose Theodore 61- Rick Nash, Nate Newton 62- Scott Pollard, Carl Hagelin 63- Johnny Miller at Oakmont 64- Nail Yakupov 65- Erik Karlson 66- Mario Lemieux 67- Max Pacioretty 68- Jaromir Jagr 69- Jared Allen, Mark Schlereth

70- Holtby 71- Evgeni Malkin 72- Carlton Fisk 73- Larry Allen 74- John Carlson, TJ Oshie, 75- Mean Joe Green 76- Orlando Pace 77- Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey 78- Bruce Smith 79- Rosey Brown

80- Jerry Rice, Isaac Bruce 81- Terrell Owens, Torry Holt 82- Jason Witten  83- Andre Reed 84- Randy Moss 85- Ocho Cinco, Gates 86- Hines Ward 87- Sidney Crosby, Dwight Clark 88- Irving, Lindros, Kane, Dale Earnhardt Jr. 89- Alexander Mogilny, Mike Ditka

90- Julius Peppers, Marcus Johansen 91- Sergei Federov, Dennis Rodman  92- Michael Strahan, Reggie White  93- Doug Gilmour, Dwight Freeney 94- Dana Stubblefield 95- Richard Dent 96- Pavel Bure 97- Jeremy Roenick  98- Julian Peterson, Warren Sapp 99- The Great One

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  1. RGIII says:

    Shouldn’t Russel Wilson be #3 over Babe Ruth though?

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