Bringing Bread to Quiznos and See If They’ll Toast It.

Quiznos kind of sucks. It didn’t at first though, I mean, it probably did but my brain was too busy being blown away at the idea of a sandwich being toasted right in front of me. Heck, I remember my first Quiznos experience. Got it to go and ate it back at my buddy Philip’s place. (Shoutout Frederick, Maryland!) It was a nice little experience, I got to see the toast machine in action, I got pink lemonade, did work on some Batch 81 sauce. Delicious. An overall solid experience. After several years living a Quiznosless life my curiosity was sparked by an ad for a new Quiznos sub. They called it,”The Torpedo.” It looked tremendous. It was long, toasty, fucking meat was flying out of the god damn thing. Not only did it look bad-ass but the commercial had a shit-ton of swag. They boasted about the length and even did a side by side comparison with a Subway foot-long. Sure it was a touch aggressive but I dig aggressive marketing; especially when it comes to sandwiches. So I tried it out and was extremely disappointed, it was long, skinny and had no meat. Sure my meal was a let down but for some reason I still had a great time. Why? Well because tilting my head and getting the perfect view of my sub coming out of the toaster is a fucking rush!

With all that being said I’m thinking the move is to bring a loaf into Quiznos and see if they’ll toast a couple slices. “Hey man, got some bologna in the car. Hoping you could run a couple slices through for me.” “Yo dude, cool if I use this bad boy for a second?” When they say no hit em’ with, “What? Why not? I thought you guys toast here.” Bringing Bread to Quiznos and See If They’ll Toast It. Could Be The Move.

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