Over-The-Top Ray Rice Statuses

Now I’m not trying to be “that guy” in this situation. You know the guy that makes some edgy joke indicating that maybe this poor woman deserved an upper-cut. What I am trying to do is point out something funny I saw via social media and take it to the next level in hopes my psychotic friends giggle.  Now my buddy who is EXTREMELY emotional goes on these Facebook spurts where he posts literally everything that pops in his head. It’s so bad he’ll go on tirades about the Academic Politics at Virginia Tech like anyone gives a shit… So my friend writes, “Ray Rice should be banned from the NFL for life. He is not a man. He is a coward.” First thing that pops in my head is… “We get it.” I mean “We Get It Dude” you’re the ultimate voice of reason. You’re the brave one who tackled this socially untouchable event. The status was simple, easy and lame. It would’ve been cooler if he took it to the next level. All psychotic and shit. “I hope Roger Goodell slits Ray Rice’s throat on draft day and lets him bleed out in front of America.” Make it clear that you are so anti-domestic violence that in turn people begin to defend Ray Rice like, “Easy dude he doesn’t deserve that.” “I think Ray Rice’s wife should tie him up to a chair, shoot out his knee caps, tip over the chair, flood the house and watch him drown in agonizing pain.” Sure that’s taking it to far but I dunno Could Be The Move. 

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