Buying Domain Names

Now I’m pretty sure Go Daddy’s sexual advertisements have finally leaked out of my subconscious but I think the new move is to buy a bunch of different domain names. I mean why the hell not? Could you imagine if James Cameron comes out with a movie titled “Could Be The Move.” I’d be freaking kash! James would be all, “Bobby we’ll pay you $100,000 for the domain name.” I’d say, “James sit down we’re gonna have a little chat. James, only way you get a piece is if I get AT LEAST the 3rd lead, Why? Because that’s how I party J…. That’s how I party.”

Now the chances of landing on a goldmine like that is very slim and that’s not the reason why you should buy domain names. Buy a domain name because it’ll seem like you have something going for yourself. Try to weave it into every conversation you have. “So what have you been up to Trevor?” “Eh, you know just bought a domain name.” “Really? What’s it called.” “” “What are you going to do with it?” “Can’t really talk about it.” BOOM! Now people think you’re important. Hell, might as well put your domain name on your resume, it’s a priceless asset that nobody else possesses. An even better move is to patent a sweet catch phrase. Think about it; you’re watching football with your buds and some guy gets rocked. You yell, “GUY GOT LIT UP!”  And I know a thing or two about Guys Getting Lit Up! HELL I OWN THE DOMAIN NAME!” Might get a laugh depending on your delivery. Domain names people. COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Bobby D.

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