Assume a Random Dude Is On Your Side In a Fake Fight

You just ordered your Iced Hazelnut Macchiato at Starbucks (No Homo). You go over to the waiting station. What do you do next? Hop on your phone and answer a text message? Yeah, if you want to be like the other 97% of people in the world. Shake it up.. Get creative.. Bring some energy to the table. Take a ghost phone-call and stage a fake fight. “Hello!” .. “Woah dude relax.” “What are you talking about?” “Well I didn’t know she was your wife.” “SHE NEVER SAID ANYTHING DUDE!” “FINE LET’S DO THIS!” “I’m at Starbucks in Encinitas.”…Look around the room… “I’ll be next to the guy in the red hat!” … Give him a nice wink and a smile… “SEE YA THEN!” … click.  Now everyone is freaking out. Again, I can’t reiterate this enough… The nice wink and a smile is crucial. I want you to look deep into his fearful eyes and plant a seed of hope. A seed that says, “When shit goes down you’re on my side right?” When you fake hang up you’ll feel a strong awkward connection with this guy; heck you’ll feel it with the rest of the room. Let the awkwardness linger for a bit then pat him on the back and hit him with, “Don’t worry dude we got this.” Assume a Random Dude Is On Your Side In a Fake Fight… Could Be The Move.

Move By: BC

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