Create An Awkward Situation Through Networking

My buddy left me a voicemail this morning explaining this move to me. The sick son of a bitch was laughing so hard at himself that he had to cut the message short. To his credit it is a great move. So here’s the play. When your setting two people up via corporate networking, “Hey Tom let me set you up with my buddy Bill. He works finance in New York.” “When you meet Bill ask him about the threesome.” “I’m serious dude, he’ll love it, it’ll be a great way to break the ice.”Boom! Now depending on your trust level with Tom, as well as Tom’s level of charisma, an extremely awkward situation is about to take place. “Hey Bill! Tom nice to meet you. So what’s the deal with this threesome I’ve been hearing about?” …. “What?” “Oh come on Bill the threesome.” “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” “I’m sorry Brandon told me to mention a threesome to you.” “What?” I mean how awkward is that. Creating An Awkward Situation Through Networking, Could Be The Move.

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