Wasuh Doo!?!?!?

I’m not going to lie. This move pisses a lot of people off; although some of the best moves out there consequently leave an isolated person feeling slightly pissed. I suggest pulling this move off with someone you are fairly comfortable with. Let’s say a friend you’ve been drunk with at least 6 times. Once this person says or does something “cool” you go in for the kill. “What’s something ‘cool’ you ask?”

Example of cool things: Suggesting you leave the bittiless (hot girls) bar and snag taco bell. Going to the fridge, palming 6 beers and then continuing to pass them out. Ordering the manliness burger at the restaurant. Buying a round of drinks and at the last second reminding the bartender to “make em’ doubles.”

Once your friend does something on par with one of the above examples it’s time to approach with the move (literally). Start 3 feet away and hit em’ with a “Wasuh Doo!” (What’s Up Dude). 2 feet away, “WASUH DOO!” 1 foot away “WASUUHH DOO!” Now you are right next to his face, “WASSUH DOO! WASSUH DOO!” I also suggest crossing your eyes while performing the move. If your friend doesn’t push you away you are doing something wrong. When executed correctly your friend will back away, look down and shove you. The audio should SOUND LIKE THIS. Even though your friends are going to hate the play I think it COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Bobby D.

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