Loving Glamorous By Fergie

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, glamorous is a word I will never misspell. Don’t label me a genius quite yet. I must give all the credit to Fergie for her song Glamorous. Not only did Fergie help me perfect the spelling of glamorous but her song has also assisted me in impressing some attractive females throughout the years. It’s no secret, girls love the song Glamorous. When it begins to spin, females flood the dance floor as if The Cupid Shuffle was playing. Maybe it’s Fergie’s soft subtle voice, maybe it’s Ludacris, maybe it’s the shout out to Taco Bell (she’s so real) or maybe it’s the “BROKE ASS HOME” part. No matter how you slice it or dice it, girls love that song. The new move is to love the song Glamorous and I don’t mean “act” like you love it. I mean you must learn to love that god damn song. Download Glamorous right now and memorize the lyrics. Envision yourself performing literal dance moves. When she says, “1st class up in the sky” you better show off your best airplane hand. When she says, “Poppin champagne” you better perform some dance move involving champagne popping. Most importantly, you must memorize Ludacris’ verse. If you don’t have time to memorize the entire verse just make sure you know when the “ROBIN LEACH” part hits. Once you are confident with the lyrics and the literal dance moves. Ask one of your girlfriends to request the song. When the song begins to play, jump in the middle of the dance floor, and get after it. You’ll thank me later. Loving Glamorous by Fergie, COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Bobby D.

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