Spare the Super Annoying Food Stuck in Your Teeth.

I remember where I was when I learned how bull fights actually went down. Before the truth was thrown at me in such a vividly descriptive way I always believed the bull guys (matadors) just dodged a bull for a good 15-20 minutes; little did I know they actually killed the fucking thing. After being woke to such a tremendous horror, I was beside myself, my whole life felt like a lie. My buddy, fresh off a Spain trip mind you, must’ve taken notice of the life being sucked out of my eyes and mentioned a detail that cheered me up a touch. He said every now and then a bull will be spared. That if the bull showed grit, determination, bravery that the audience would cheer and that grinder of a bull wouldn’t go out like the rest of em’. Nah…… He’d live on. So dope.

You ever have a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth for an eternity? I mean really jammed up in there. Sure, food gets caught in your teeth every now and then. Happens to the best of us, but every now and then a certain piece of food will come along that just feels different. You grind with your tongue, you prod away with your fingernail, you create a make-shift toothpick with a straw and still nothing? Sometimes it gets to the point where we drop everything we’re doing to get this fucking thing out of our teeth. “Hey Cindy. Sorry to bother you but do you have any floss?” … “No? Ok no worries.” …. “Excuse me! Does anyone have any floss?”

When the time finally comes and it pops out most people simply chew away and swallow. Nahhhhhh not me. That piece of food has earned its stripes and won’t go down like every other piece of food I put in my mouth. He will avoid my stomach acid and not be shit. I’m baby birding that piece of food into a napkin and throwing it away…. That grinder will live on.

Spare the Super Annoying Food Stuck in Your Teeth. Could Be The Move.

***Note*** Flossing is cheating. If you floss you have accepted defeat. Say you floss, it pops out of your teeth and into your mouth, if you chew and swallow you are a coward. That piece of food deserves better.

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