Groping Dudes at Work

Sexual harassment is a serious thing in the workplace. Your self awareness radar must constantly be on.  You need to be careful where you look, what you say and even what you type. With all of these work related, overthought interactions with attractive females tension can certainly build. People have different ways to help cope with this stress building self conscious behavior but personally I choose to grope dudes. Groping dudes helps clear my mind in the most animalistic way possible. Groping a dude in the workplace is a very simple process: Walk over to one of your friends, ask him a question, act like you tripped and begin to grope his chest. Sometimes it’s good to mix a grope with an over apology. If your friend is cool you’ll share a good ole’ fashion grope laugh. If your friend is not cool you may have a sit down with HR in the next couple days. Groping Dudes at Work. Could Be The Move!

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