Give Directions In Political Terms

“So you’re driving along…” (Tommy Boy Reference) Wait.. Scratch that… You aren’t driving… Someone else is driving. You are riding on the passengers side of your best friends ride (trying to holla at me.) Sorry…TLC… One of those days. But seriously… You’re in your buddies car and giving him directions (Co-Pilot). He starts chirping at you for directions, “Where do I go next?” .. Now most people say something stupid like, “Take a Left” .. Losers, I don’t associate myself with these kind of morons and neither should you. People that think they’re funny say, “Take a Louie.” Now I’m not gonna bash that move because I think it’s quick, easy and gets a nice solid smile outta people… Especially if the delivery is on point.  But I’m thinking the move is to make a political statement with your directions, “Take a liberal on Leucadia.” Most people won’t get it at first but give them some time and you’ll notice their internal light bulb will click, “Liberal Left, Republican Right.” Once they get the concept really test em’ “Welfare up here.” “How about a trickle down effect at the stop sign.” “An abortion up here.” “Cheat on your wife and deny it at the next light.” …. “Every four years come into office and completely fuck up the country.”… Balls in their court. Making a Political Statement with Directions.. Could Be The Move.

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