Comparing Someone’s Name To Someone Else’s Name

You’re watching the game with your boys. Dwight Howard grabs a rebound and heads up the court. The announcers start talking about Dwight, “Dwight Howard is a rebounding machine; he’s been one of the top rebounders ever since he got into the league.” Look at your buddy and say, “Dwight Howard more like Dwight Schrute.” Your buddy probably won’t appreciate the move at first which is why you need to beat it like a dead horse. “I MEAN AM I RIGHT!?!?! He’s definitely Dwight Schrute!!! I MEAN COME ON!! LOOK AT THE GUY!!!” Sounds stupid, but trust me if your buddy has any sort of sense of humor this move will grow on him. It works well with a lot of athletes. “Bart Scott more like Bart Simpson.” “Vincent Jackson more like Janet Jackson.” Comparing someone’s name to someone else’s name. COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Bobby D. / Move by Matt (Annapolis, MD)

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3 Responses to Comparing Someone’s Name To Someone Else’s Name

  1. Bobby D. says:

    This move also works great if you use your friend’s name. Emmit Smith more like (Insert friend with the last name Smith here)

  2. JB says:

    Cam Newton? Pfft…more like Isaac Newton, AM I RIGHT?!?!

    Good shit, Matt! You have a fantastic move. It’s better than all the other moves we received so clearly you’re on to something. Cheers! Anyone else have any move ideas or suggestions email them to Thanks!

  3. Bobby D. says:

    Ray Rice…. More like Fried Rice

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