Wearing An Awesome T-Shirt + Blazer


“Hey what’s up! I’m a lot cooler than you. I know it, you know it, your girlfriend knows it, that guy that just checked our ID’s knows it, your friends from home that see these pictures on Facebook will know it. Get on my level you inferior hack.” That’s pretty much the thought process of anyone who has ever worn an awesome t-shirt and blazer. The scary thing is it’s true. If you wear the right t-shirt plus a blazer you are a god amongst mortals. The dangerous part about this move is if the wrong t-shirt is worn you will have “DOUCHE” written across your forehead. Designer t-shirts, flashy colors and v-necks will lead to immediate douchism. Finding the right t-shirt is key. I suggest sticking with rock band t-shirts. Violent Femmes, The Strokes, The Ramones are great examples. The more the band didn’t (doesn’t) give a fuck the better. Movie t-shirts are solid. T-shirts with sweet quotes are perfect. Just make sure it’s the type of t-shirt someone will point at and go, “That’s awesome.” In Talladega Nights John C. Reilly’s character says, “The tuxedo t-shirt says, I wanna be formal but I’m here to party.” Let’s be real, tuxedo t-shirts are for clowns. If you want to be formal but give off the “I’m gonna get blacked out and make out with random girls” vibe then do yourself a favor and wear an awesome t-shirt plus a blazer. COULD BE THE MOVE!

Bobby D.

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