Mimic Everything Manti Te’o Did

Manti TeoWow Manti! I had no idea a mormon could pull off the move of all moves! Words like balsy, gutsy, stupid, aggressive and courageous all describe this legendary move. I don’t even have to write step by step instructions on how to execute this move, Manti already drew out the X’s and O’s. Act like you have a hot girlfriend. Act like she dies of cancer. Sell the whole world on it and watch as peoples’ compassion and pity light up your popularity. The thought of performing this move in college is all the motivation I need to apply to grad school. The best part about executing this move, especially on a smaller stage, is there is NO WAY anybody would dig up your story. I mean you aren’t important enough to be hawked down by some hack journalist. And how about that hack journalist; talk about the world’s biggest cock block. I mean how’s a guy like Te’o ever going to shake his new image. Wait a second… Maybe this is all apart of his big plan!  Maybe he planned to get outed!… Will his next play be to hold a press conference where he cries and insists he was tricked by some evil person? Hmm.. that could lead to more compassion and pity from the opposite sex. Wow… A move inside a move. Manti I tip my hat to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tap on a quote from Chaz Reinhold (Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers) before you walk out of your apartment. “Grief is natures most powerful aphrodisiac.”  COULD BE THE MOVE!

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2 Responses to Mimic Everything Manti Te’o Did

  1. Brandon says:

    The best move of all time? Move of the century

    • bobbyd3 says:

      Hmm…. Not sure if it tops that Fake Wrong Text Message but it’s definetly up there. There has to be a better move in recent memory…. Or maybe not!

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