Tossing Your Beer Cap

Every time you open up a bottle of beer immediately toss the bottle cap in a casual fashion. The bottle cap must land on the floor and travel at least 15 feet. This is a great move if you’re at your buddies’ place. It works even better if you are in the middle of a conversation. EXAMPLE: “I don’t know man I think the Seahawks are so overrated,” (Open The Beer, casually toss the cap wherever) “I mean who have they played!?!?” (Take a sip of your beer). Now if you have cool friends they’ll probably laugh and call you out on it. If they act like they didn’t see it and bring it up when they’re hammered 2 months later they really aren’t your friend. It’s a great move and will get a laugh 72% of the time. If you have awful friends then 47% of the time. COULD BE THE MOVE!!!

– Bobby D.

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  1. JB says:

    Haha! That’s awesome! I used to do something similar. I would interrupt a conversation by quieting people down and then popping open a beer can then I’d slowly back away. I’d say people hated me 64.5% of the time lol.

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