Going to Random Hotels to Get Free Continental Breakfast

What’s better than a muffin and a milk? …. A free muffin and a milk. Hotels have always been extremely generous when it comes to welcoming random people walking into their establishment.. Why? Because they have no idea who is and who is not a “paying guest”. So why not be an American and take advantage of the whole situation. Roll in on a Tuesday, Saturday, hell it can be a Monday morning and get yourself a free Continental Breakfast. Some key things to remember…. Confidence is must! Don’t be the n00b that panics and avoids eye contact…! Say, “Good morning” to all employees… Observe their name tag and BOOM! “Have a good day Mike!” Also be classy about the whole situation. Don’t line your pockets with plastic bags and smuggle some to-go muffins. Bad Move. If you like end-zone dances… Try this. While you are eating, spark up a conversation with some random guest, and organically slip in a complaint about the room temperature. Strong move… Surprised homeless people don’t try this more often. Going to Random Hotels to Get Free Continental Breakfast, Could Be The Move.

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