Go Bush-League on Bathroom Etiquette

Baseball and Work Bathrooms have a lot in common. There are lot of unwritten rules in the game. Nobody tags 2nd base on a double play, nobody waits for a stall to open up… you try another bathroom or come back later. Don’t flip your bat and stare down a homerun and if necessary a courtesy flush for the urinal goers is always appreciated. Breaking some of these un-written rules is considered, “Bush-League”. Ball-Players such as Ty Cobb, A.J. Pierzynski and Pete Rose have been known to break a few rules… Some people love em’ and some people hate em’ but god damnit everyone respects em’. What I’m trying to say is being the Pete Rose of a work bathroom Could Be The Move. Bring tons of energy. “Hey Mike!… Taking a piss huh!?!” …. “I’m gonna go shit!” … While sitting on the toilet. “Hey Mike ya ever use one of these seat covers?” “Hey Mike mind if I get er’ going or you grossed out by stuff like that?” If you’re taking a piss and you see Mike heading into the stall give him a nice pre-game speech, “Hey Mike! Mike! I saw you go in there don’t try and ignore me!” “Don’t mind me Mike go ahead and let er’ rip!” “Wuddya got stage fright Mike?” *Banging on the stall* “Come on Mike let’s see what ya got!” See Mike in a meeting later, “How was the shit Mike?” Sure it’ll rub 90% of people the wrong way but god damnit those 10% will have more respect for you than you could possibly imagine. Going Bush-League on Bathroom Etiquette, Could Be The Move.

Bobby D.

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