Get a Free Lunch From Your Buddy

Do you like going out for lunch to break up your work day? Yeah, it’s a wonderful thing indeed. What if you don’t have the cash or just simply the desire to pay for lunch? This may be an issue for people who don’t include moves in their daily lives, but it doesn’t have to be an issue for you. EXAMPLE: Give one of your friends or co-workers a call and ask them if they want to go get lunch. Hell, you can even offer to drive. Let’s say you’re going out for Mexican(food ethnicity doesn’t really matter) and you order from the counter. Let your friend go first. “What can I get you” the cashier says. “Yeah, can I please have two chicken tacos with a side of rice”? The cashier punches in the order on the computer and will come back with, “Anything else”? This is where you slide into the picture. Step up next to your buddy and give him a pat on the back and tell the cashier what you want. Give your friend a little smirk and watch as the cashier enters your order. BOOM! Free lunch! Your friend won’t interject; I promise you. If anything he’ll give you props. Give it a go. It’ll be a free meal every single time. COULD BE THE MOVE!

– JB / Move by Brian (Encinitas, CA)

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