Wearing Man Thongs

On the title alone I’ve probably lost about 90% of you… But for the other psychotic 10%… Enjoy.

Step 1: Head out to your local thong store and get yourself a nice 3-Pack. Step 2: Now that you’re equipped with some man-unition.. Wait until Friday to bust one of these bad Larry’s out. Heck mark it on your calendar, Friday = “Thong Day”.  Step 3: Once Friday morning arrives slide one of these bad boys on  and head to work… Just as if it were any other morning. Step 4: At work act like everything is normal, try not to fidget or give off the impression that you have a serious wedgie. When 2:30 hits start hiking that thong up. Hike it all the way up to the middle of your lower back. Once your thong is fully hiked walk on over to your buddies desk. When you arrive at your buddies desk drop a pen and bend over in front of him making sure he sees that gorgeous thong of yours. If your buddy has any sense of humor he will laugh uncontrollably. Wearing Man Thongs. #cbtm

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