Calling CBS CVS and CVS CBS

This is a cagey veteran troll play. You know it’s CVS and you know it’s CBS but instead of adhering to social norms you decide to throw a little curve ball at your audience and change the names purposely. Why do it though? Why sound like an idiot in front of people? Easy. That 2 seconds of silence where people think…. Did he just say, “I think the game is on CVS?” Is gold. If nobody corrects you. Say it again. Still nothing? Pound it into the ground until someone corrects you. When they do correct you be like. “Yeah that’s what I said, CVS. I need to go to CVS.” …. “Oh I thought you said, CBS.” …. “Why would I need to go to a TV channel?” Followed by extreme manic laughter. “Yeah, John! That’s what I’m going to do. Pick up some cough medicine at CBS. I’ll tell Dan Rather you said, ‘Hi!’ You’re such a fucking idiot, John! FUCK YOU JOHN!” Calling CBS CVS and CVS CBS. Could Be The Move.

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