The Ole Coffee Mug Salute

Are you stuck grinding it out in Corporate America? Yea? Same here. Picture this: you’re walking down the hallway and a more important co-worker walks by. You do the standard head nod and maybe if you’re lucky that uptight prick will shoot you one back. Isn’t that so unsatisfying? Now picture this: you’re walking down the hall and the previously mentioned prick is coming your way…but this time you’re holding a coffee mug; empty, full, really it doesn’t matter. As you walk by this guy you point the mug in his direction and say, “Jim”, with a really confident brown-nosing smile. Then you keep walking. Is his name Jim? Maybe, but probably not. That doesn’t matter though. That guy will respect the shit out of you! I’m telling you, mug=importance! Boom! COULD BE THE MOVE!

– JB

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