The Nice Bathroom Experience

Have you ever had to tinkle while driving and searched for a restroom? Typically people go to a fast food place or a gas station where the bathroom is dirtier than a sorority chick you used to bang in college. Why go to a bathroom in a fast food joint when you can go to a high-end bathroom at the Holiday Inn? Or why not the closest office building? Next time you are driving pull into the hotel, tell the front desk that your (wife/friend) is in the shower and you wanted to know where the restroom is. Make up a room number and go enjoy the best bathroom experience of your life. Treating yourself to a nice bathroom experience, COULD BE THE MOVE!

Move courtesy of – Brandon C. (Blacksburg, VA.)

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1 Response to The Nice Bathroom Experience

  1. Hold It! says:

    I personally have never cared for a nice bathroom. I mean they’re nice and all but I mean when you gotta shit you gotta shit ya know.

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