Adding “Penis” to Songs

For all you hardcore Could Be The Move fans out there (maybe one or two). You might remember a move, “Adding Your Own Flare to Songs.” I was going to link it to this move since it’s pretty much the same thing but I have no idea where it is. I guess I deleted it or some shit. Anyways, this move is slightly more specific so here it goes. Just add “Penis” to any music lyric. Simple, fundamental, to the point. Now I didn’t invent this move, my buddy did, but I thought it was gold. He sent me a Snap of him singing Cake, “I want a girl with a shirt skirt and a loooooooooong PENIS.” Hilarious! I had to respond. So I threw a little Depeche Mode at him, “Reach out and touch MY PENIS!” Adding “Penis” to songs. Could Be The Move.

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