“Go Drink Your Diet Coke For Breakfast”

We’ve all seen him. That dude that pulverizes Diet Cokes in the morning. “I don’t like coffee” he says. Ok, we get it, but how about a little disguise…. Maybe a little DC in the coffee cup? “Why don’t you mind your own business” he says. True, whatever beverage someone decides to drink in the morning is none of my business. In reality though you’re just looking out for the guy. For whatever reason there is something in our DNA that is programmed to hate any human being who indulges in a carbonated beverage in the morning. Maybe it has something to do with the idea of “rebelling”. I mean shit if my Mom ever saw me drinking a soda before noon she’d lose her mind. Now psychoanalysis is only a hobby of mine so I’ll leave it at the fact that for whatever reason we just hate this dude. Now hate might be a strong word but when it’s Monday morning and this guy is poppin’ around with a fuckin Diet Coke in his hand the emotion of hate lingers around for a good two minutes.

We all know this guy and we all hate him. So next time one of your buddies starts talking shit hit him with, “Go Drink Your Diet Coke For Breakfast.” He’ll know exactly what you mean. “Go Drink Your Diet Coke For Breakfast.” Could Be The Move.

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