Calling Out Haters When You Clearly Have No Haters

Now I’m waiting for an opportune moment to pull of this move. I think it could be absolute legendary. Come to think of it there is a place I can pull this off but I’d have to be the “Top Sales Rep”. Pretty much any place where you give a quick speech to a handful of people is a perfect place. When the moment is yours, thank everyone and then just start shittin’ on your haters. “I’d like to thank my manager, my co-workers and ya know what…”Here’s to all the mother-fuckers that said it couldn’t be done. Ya’ll some bitch ass pussies.” Drop the mic, metaphorically speaking of course, then outty! Fuck yeah dude. 

What if you pull this move off in some work meeting. “Any questions from you guys.” Stand-Up without being called on and just start losing your mind. “I just wanna say one thing, all you haters out there waiting for me to slip up, trying to sabotage what I do, you gonna need more than a prayer to try and bring me down.” Then just walk out of the building cocking two middle fingers. 

Your mom calls you saying, “Honey you need to call me more.” “NOW MY MA UH HATA!!! NOW MY MA UH HATA!?!?!” 


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