Fake Stories

Lying is an ongoing theme in most of my moves. This fake stories move incorporates a soft lie. The lie needs to be extremely light but it must somehow stick in your buddies mind. Here’s how you execute: Your friend is talking about how he needs to go to the dentist, “Yeah man I need 2 cavities filled up.” You must incorporate one of your friends/co-workers in the lie but make sure your friend doesn’t know this person too well. “Did Tim ever tell you how his dentist knocked out his tooth while he was filling a cavity?” Hopefully you catch your friend’s attention, “You better make sure it’s not the same dentist.” Then bail on the conversation. Your task has been completed. Now your buddy will do something stupid like e-mail Tim or ask him about the situation. There conversation will be so awkward. What a bunch of idiots.  Fake stories, COULD BE THE MOVE.

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