Fake Gift For Co-Worker

I can’t take credit for this move… This is another BC move. Sorry I have to be a tool and use a stupid nickname but he’s the type of kid who thinks his “Good Name” will be tarnished if he’s associated with this blog. But seriously if you want to know his full name just look two moves below and click on the picture. “Dude, seriously take that down.” – BC tomorrow.

First, you need to get someones address at work without anyone knowing… The more random the better. After you acquire this information go out and buy some stupid gift and card at CVS. Again the more random the better. (Pens and candy, a teddy bear and popcorn, a water gun and Applebee’s gift card). In the card write, “Thanks for everything you do.” – Sincerely (Insert one of your buddies at work.) … Now next time this random person comes to work they’ll stop by your buddies desk and you get to witness an extremely awkward moment. Fake Gift For Co-Worker… Could Be The Move.

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