Be the Person With Mints.

Tweeted about this a couple weeks ago but figured it needed more of my time and attention. High on this Move for a lot of reasons.

First, is it just me or do mints feel old-school? I haven’t checked the data in a while but mint stock seems to have slowly declined throughout the last couple years. Altoids gave it a solid bump, probably peaked when said company dropped those little sour numbers. Oh man… Back when the mint game was elite. Imagine the clown that decided, “Hey… So this is our most popular item. People love it. Let’s stop making it!” Bozoville USA. But yeah… That old-school feel gives off the impression, “I’ve been around. I’ve seen a few things. Wacky gum flavors, the Stride explosion but here I am back to the basics with my mints.” Cultured, appreciate the classics vibe.

Secondly, there’s some primal connection going on when someone offers you a mint. It’s a truce. I got you, you got me. Back in the day it might’ve been squirrel meat or some shit. Sure some might argue the modern day alliance is a follow for a follow but I disagree. Nothing physical is being exchanged in this instance, the exchange of a delicious treat is what the brain connects. It’s a beautiful thing.

So shoutout to all those people that still carry mints. You’re appreciated.

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  1. charlie hourihan says:

    Nothing like tossing back a few tic tacs!

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