Dry Swallowing Advil

Dedicating this move to my man Tony Soprano. Just started watching Season 1 and this guy rips down Prozac like it’s no big deal. No water, no applesauce just a couple pills right down the gullet. I was so impressed with the way he dry swallowed pills I decided to incorporate this move into my life… but not a private, in my room, alone, trying to dry swallow pills way. I’m talking about a dry swallowing public showcase with the goal of sending a fucking message.

You’re at work, Tuesday morning meeting, you got yourself a little headache. You take out your Advil bottle and give it a couple taps, 1, 2, 3 perfect. (The Advil shake alone will draw enough attention to execute this move to perfection). Close up the bottle. Back in the pocket then BAM. 3 Advil right down the hatch. Afterwards do a quick scan of the room to see if anyone saw. Notice the horror, the confusion, the rush to judgement in the person’s eyes. Or maybe your boy spots you and you guys share a nice chuckle. Either way you’re a stud.

*Note* Another detail you can incorporate with this move is blessing yourself before you throw the pills back. There’s something creepy/demonic about this detail that I really dig.

Dry Swallowing Advil. Could Be The Move.

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