Calling Songs Pieces

Those who know me well know my NPR game is on point. Ole’ NPR keeps me grounded, informed and from time to time gets me all pissed off especially when I have to listen to Steve Inskeep interrupt his guest’s over and over again. With that being said, the other day they had a story about Aaron Copland’s jam, “Fanfare For the Common Man.” Now jokes aside. This song is brilliant. It makes you feel inspired, invincible and another word that starts with “i” that I can ‘t think of. For real though. This song….Chills. Anyways, this lady was describing how this song makes her feel and she continued to use the word piece over and over again. “What a brilliant piece.” “Such an emotional piece.” “The beauty of this piece is unmatched.” Home girl used the term piece so much it began to feel like a bit. Which brings me to the move.

Next time you’re talking music with a buddy refer to songs as pieces. “That’s my favorite Mac Demarco piece”. “What’s that piece by Bush that goes, Breath in Breath out?” “Have you heard Lady GaGa’s new piece?”

The key to this move is doing it with people your aren’t super close with. Avoiding the call-out is very important here. For instance, if I did this around one of my better friends they would immediately go, “What? Did you just call a song a piece? What are you fuckin’ Chopin?”… Move immediately destroyed. I’d recommend starting slow and dropping “piece” in the most subtle way possible and then ease your way into more and more drops. The ultimate goal is to have the person you’re talking with drop piece. If you do that you are a winner at life. Calling Songs Pieces. Could Be The Move.

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