Be The Guy Everyone Secretly Hates

You know this guy? The guy that pops his head in every conversation with some sorry comment, “LOOKS LIKE THEY’LL LET ANYONE IN HERE!” Followed by extreme self laughter. The guy that sparks up 90% of conversations referencing the weather. The guy that rebuttals any reference to cold with, “WELL BACK EAST…..” The guy that forgets your name 7 times because his conscious is to busy juggling un-timely Dumb & Dumber quotes and Imagine Dragon lyrics. The guy that replies all whenever he gets the chance. The guy that doesn’t hit the gym because during his last hardcore workout session he tweaked his back. The guy that didn’t play college ball because he didn’t like the coach. The guy that lives and dies by happy hour. The guy that no matter what will always find a way to one up your story. I think being this guy in certain situations Could Be The Move. If your audience is sharp they’ll pick it up and love it.

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  1. BSweenz says:

    This “Imagine Dragons” quoting reference way is ahead of the time with the funny Faldo Masters Call this year!!! Be 4 years ahead of time on a joke — COULD BE THE MOVE

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