Hit Your Girlfriend With an Extremely Advanced Sports Question

Right when I first started typing, “Hit Your Girlfriend” I was thinking HEY MAYBE THAT COULD BE THE MOVE…. HITTING YOUR GIRLFRIEND!… That’s a joke.. Relax. Don’t hit your girlfriend. BUT hitting your girlfriend with an extremely advanced sports question could definitely be the move.

Picture this… You’re hanging with a small to large group of people. You and your boys are talking sports. Fantasy Football pops up. You make a firm opinion that Andre Ellington is going to be a bust. How’s he’s being talked up by the ESPN media and he’s not worth a 2nd round pick. A debate begins. Back and forth and back and forth. Here comes the move… Now this will work best if your girlfriend is far away from you and you need to shout, “EY BEB! WUDDYA THINK OF ANDRE ELLINGTON!?!?! WORTH A 2nd ROUNDER?… She’ll be extremely confused. “ELLINGTON 2nd rounder?” … “ANDRE 2nd, 3rd or 4th?” … Just keep hammering her. “TON… BUST or STEAL?” “Trade bait or Keeper Value?” “Should I worry about Mendenhall?” Now all the people around you who take themselves to seriously will wonder what the hell is wrong with you… Which makes it funny.

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