Creating Your Own Hip-Hop Verse

8mileLife is full of moments. Some moments are routine and rehearsed daily. Other moments hold extreme importance and our actions hold very powerful consequences. The type of moment I speak of holds the ability to turn normal everyday men into legends. A tremendous example is a hip-hop freestyle. Now I’m not talking about a quick, goofy, cat in the hat freestyle battle your buddy forces on you after watching 8-mile. I’m talking about a battle where the rhymes are deep, mothers are brutally insulted and the guy freestyling has several demo tapes to his name. Moments like these don’t come by very often but if you happen to stumble your way into one of these situations you must be prepared. The move is to create and memorize a personal hip-hop verse. The verse needs to somehow incorporate your name, where you’re from, how the opposite sex can’t get enough of you and 5 curse words. Practice your freestyle in the shower, in the car or when you are drunk in front of your friends. Sure memorizing a verse certainly negates the “freestyle” aspect but who cares! The point is to shake up your opponent and get the audience on your side. You know what they say, “Ain’t no such thing as HALFWAY CROOKS!” Creating your own hip-hop verse, COULD BE THE MOVE!

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