Creating Fictional Band T-Shirts

For those of you die hard Could Be The Move fans out there you all know I have this strange obsession with band t-shirts ESPECIALLY ON BEBS! Not only a strong move for girls but try pairing a Band T-Shirt With a Blazer. Good luck not getting laid. Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Violent Femmes, The Strokes all good decisions. Why? Because people actually know these musical artists. Yeasayer, Wild Cub, Local Natives, Alt-J… risky picks. Why? Because most people don’t know these bands and an awkward conversation concerning what they sound like might ensue. Or you’ll get labeled a pretentious hipster. Either way you suck. Instead of getting caught in the, “Well they sound like U2 meets Dispatch. Their first CD is really good,” conversation. Go out on a limb and create your own band t-shirt. Example: I’ve always had this idea of creating a cover band called Little Femmes Lotta Cranberries where we play a little Violent Femmes and a Lot of Cranberries. So instead of finding musicians, rehearsing together and finally mustering up enough courage to perform, why not skip all the nonsense and create T-shirts like we’re a couple hotshots! Wear it out and throw people for a loop. “Who’s The Operators.” … “Oh this Swedish Heavy Metal group I saw in Stockholm.” Hell make up a new story every time. “My Dad’s band in college.” “Dunno bought it at Goodwill, downloaded some tracks, not bad.” Who knows, Creating Fictional Band T-Shirts Could Be The Move.

Move By: Worm

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