Never Missing a Bless You.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 11.16.16 PMThis is a selfless Move. No other way around it. This Move puts you in a present/alert/can’t miss a sound space that puts you on the same conscious level as a Buddhist Monk. Breathe, stay present, observe the sounds around you… HA!… Just step up your bless you game and I promise you’ll reach full nirvana. ***(Note: One could argue that this level of consciousness is much more spastic than calm because you’re reacting to the stimulus around you and not letting things be. Can see the argument for both sides but will stick to Buddhist Monk mental territory to make the Move more appealing.)***

Now I’m not talking about being a courtesy blesser. You know, bless someone when you feel like it, say 75% of the time. I’m talking chips all in. You hear a sneeze from down the hall, better pipe up! “BLESS YOU!” You start recognizing sneezes, hit em’ with a Slack/text/voicemail. “Please leave a message….” “Hey, Jim. Bobby here, just wanted to say bless you. Alright enjoy the rest of your Friday!” Go out there and be great.

Sure haters will say, “That’s obnoxious. No need to bring attention to an embarrassing sinus explosion.” Oh yeah, well let me fill you in on a little Bless You history. Some cultures believed that when someone sneezed it was their soul escaping their body. Hence, “Bless you”. Boom. There you go, soul back into your body. Never Missing a Bless You. Could Be The Move.

Move by: Matt K.

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