Over Apologizing For A Minor Fault

There are times in life when people are upset at you for a very frivolous or silly reason. You bump into someone at a crowded bar and they spill a drop of their drink, you accidently skip someone’s turn in Jenga, or you sit in a “fire exit” at a restaurant (whatever that means). In these situations I always “over apologize” to the point where they also have to apologize for you for even mentioning it. The line, “Oh my God I am so sorry, this is so embarrassing, I am mortified, what can I do to make up for this terrible mishap…” in a sincere tone is a great way to get the once angry person feel so bad for you they want to, in return, apologize to you — the whole over apology switches the blame of the situation. This is a great move that will make your dumb ass mistakes lead to you smelling like roses. I have used this move so many times it is second nature. Use it folks because over apologizing COULD BE THE MOVE.

– Sweens

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