DM Your Not So Close Friends Instagram Ads

One of my favorite parts of social media is DM’ing my buddies the most immature videos/memes imaginable. The dumber the better. “WHEN YO GIRL DRUNK AF AND YOU TRYIN’ TO PLAY FORTNITE!” (One cat on the couch, the other flops on top in a clumsily manner). I love stuff like that. I also enjoy pairing a dumb meme with an even more dumb caption, “That’s you. You bitchass!” So dumb. So good.

My new move though is DM’ing someone that really hasn’t figured out my sense of humor quite yet Instagram ads with a caption along the lines of, “I think you would enjoy this product.” In order to make this move work I’d first have to target a product they need. Let’s say we’re in a group conversation and they won’t stop talking about how they need a mattress. Like to the point where they waste half of your lunch talking about fucking mattresses. Boom. Store away the info. Grab your phone, search Casper mattresses, forward them over some stupid Casper Instagram post with a caption, “I think you would enjoy this product, Tim.” Perfect. Now even better news, since you searched Casper once in your phone Big Brother is going to pound you with mattress ads. Amazing. More material, “Here is a competitor. Good luck on the mattress hunt let me know if I can help out in anyway shape or form.” Sure that person might think you’re a weirdo or they’ll pick up on your move and you guys become best friends. Either way it’s all gold.

DM Your Not So Close Friends Instagram Ads

(Note: This move works with close friends as well but is just that much more sweet when the person doesn’t get your sense of humor yet.)

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