Creating A Weird Voice/Character In Someone’s Head

We live in a digital world where texts, Facebook messages, emails and all of that other shit is read in certain tones. The person typing the message might have the best intentions in the world but for whatever reason the person reading it may have a “bitchy”, “condescending” tone in their head. My favorite is when someone hits me with ALL CAPS. YOU IMMEDIATELY HEAR A VOICE SHOUTING IN YOUR HEAD. If I start typing with…… Dots….. Maybe the voice changes to your college professor who took long breaks between sentences. You start reading a bunch of “quotes” maybe the voice gets a little more smug. Since most of you reading this already know me, the voice in your head is probably me. Which is kinda weird and made feel uncomfortable for a second. Now that you’ve realized the power you have…. Make a fucking weird voice. Like, “GAME?!?! ARE YOU COMING OVER FOR THE GAME!?!?!” “I AM GOING TO PICK YOU UP THEN WE GO TO LUNCH!” Now they have this weird inner voice every time you text them and all you did is make a couple grammatical changes. Don’t be scared to make it weird, “HELLO!?!? HOPE YOU’RE HAVING DAY!!!! I’LL PICK YOU PU AT NOON THEN WE”LL GO TO YUMMY FOOD YUM! HAHAJEHAJAHEHAJAJ :)::))L:))::))))).” Creating A Weird Voice/Character In Someone’s Head, Could Be The Move.

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