Finishing Your Drink and Handing It Off

Saw this move the other day on the critically acclaimed series, “True Detective”. It was performed by Vince Vaughn. An actor who prides himself on his original moves, (Wedding Crashers, Swingers). I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells his agent, “I’m only playing characters with top-tier moves.” Well Vince, you found yet another role where your character shines a light on his uncanny ability to be original.

Now Vince’s character pulls this move off when he’s pissed but I personally think this move would play out better if he just got done telling a funny story. Anyways, here’s the play.

You’re standing around a bar with your buddies. You make a wise crack. People laugh. You take the last sip of your drink and hand it off. Just give it to the closest friend. Don’t mention it, don’t acknowledge the fact that you demeaned him in the most subtle way possible. Just hand the drink off and see what happens. Yeah, it’s kind of stupid and I have no idea what will happen next but, COULD BE THE MOVE!

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