The Stranger

This move is called “The Stranger”. We all love parties. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday, a kegger, or a backyard BBQ, people love an excuse to get together. The next time you’re invited to a party bring three things. The first thing should be engrained in your subconcious by now, an EXCESS OF ALCOHOL (MOVE #12). Second, is a gift for the host. The third and most important thing you need to bring is a friend, but more importantly make sure it’s a friend that no one at the party has ever met before. When you see the host hand him over the gift and give your standard hug/daps but make sure to LAY OFF THE FIST BUMPS (MOVE #7).  The next part is very simple. When you have a second away from your friend take off and leave. It’s really that simple. Now your friend is the stranger at the party. The poor guy doesn’t know anyone there and nobody knows who the hell he is. The best part is people will think you’re still around somewhere. I mean you did bring a gift! If you want to play varsity try to snag his phone before you leave, that a way he has no way of contacting you.  Showing up to a party with a friend no one knows and leaving him stranded, COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Grant (Carlsbad, CA)

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2 Responses to The Stranger

  1. Bobby D. says:

    Talk about a dick move

  2. JB says:

    Please! you know you’ve done that before, BD.

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