Slammin 5-Hour Energies

5_hour_energy5-Hour Energies used to sketch me out. It was nearly impossible for me to believe that 2 OZ’s of legal fluid would get me so jacked up for so long. My closest experience with a liquid that produced similar side-effects was in Mexico; the locals called it “Tequila”. My skeptical instincts turned 180 when I received a free bottle at work. It was a very busy day and the way I gulped it down resembled more of a cry for help than a grasp for energy. Once the product glided down my throat I suddenly felt my un-tapped potential coursing through my veins. Everything in my path was perfected in the matter of seconds. My sales calls created a type of energy that even the Buddha would envy. My hallway greetings went from generic to memorable. Men and Women alike loved and feared me at the same time. It was the type of power only Bradley Cooper’s character in “Limitless” could relate to. Hours went by like minutes. Minutes went by like seconds. The time passed and my powers began to fade. I feared Bobby D. 2.0 would soon crash to Bobby D. -1.0, but the crash never hit. I was back to normal Bobby D. I drove to Costco and stocked up on this liquid gold. Slammin 5-Hours Energies, COULD BE THE MOVE!

WARNING! Slammed one of these bad boys before my company volleyball game at 8:00 (bad-ass I know) and it’s 12:45 and I’m still jacked out of my mind. Sleep is for those who are weak.

– Bobby D.

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