Asking For Obscure Exotic Drinks

“Hey do you guys want anything to drink?” is a question with endless options to show off your creativity and importance in the room. MOVE #5 says to order a Coca-Cola Classic – that to me is obvious and a layup. My move is to go so exotic and out there that there is no way they will ever be able to fulfill your refreshing request. For instance, you go to your buddy’s place on Sunday to watch football, he politely asks, “Hey do you guys need something to drink?” My usual response is, “Ya do you have Orangina? Oh you don’t… then I’ll just go fuck myself.” This move can be used in many places and knowing the situation and the most obscure drink will really help your move and people will remember you. Also, always be very surprised that they don’t have it because its common knowledge that everybody has mango infused coconut water in their fridge. Great drinks to use: Capri Sun, Mellow Yellow, Bud Light Platinum, Tabb, half grapefruit juice / half orange juice, XXX Vitamin Water (be specific), Fruitopia, V8 Splash, and any drink with Pear Vodka. Exotic drink order = baller! COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Sweens

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