Calling Budweisers Rustics

BudsI’ve heard several slang names when people refer to the great American beer Budweiser. There is the corporate nickname “The King Of Beers” but there is also “Buds”, “Bud Heavy”, “Bud Diesel”, “Diesels” and “White Cans”. The other day my mind was absolutely blown when I heard JB call a Budweiser a “Rustic”. “I’ve never heard someone call them rustics,” said a bewildered Bobby. “RUSTICS!?!?! You’ve never heard of RUSTICS!?!?” Responded JB in a high pitch voice reminiscent of this movie character. At first I loved the nickname because it sounded so spot on and genuine. Then I looked up the definition of rustic. Rus-tic /ˈrəstik/ “Having a simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside”. If that definition doesn’t encapsulate the feeling of drinking a Diesel I don’t know what the hell does. Calling Budweisers Rustics, COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Bobby D.

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