Knowing The Unpopular Songs Of One Hit Wonders

Do you hate that guy who says he doesn’t like that band anymore because they are popular now? He purposely has no popular songs on his Zune because that is too main stream. This hipster thinks he should be working for a label because he is so good at finding bands before they were popular. In reality this guy just takes notes while listening to Dave Matthews Band Pandora station. To break away from and ironically tease hipsters I have a new move for everybody. I think my move is to be a different kind of music hipster – that would be so hipster it would make the hipster’s dreadlocks shrivel. My move is to get big into one-hit wonder artists but only talk about their songs that sucked. Let me give you a few examples:

Mambo No. 5 comes on… “Oh this is Lou Bega’s worst song! If you are a real fan you would listen to ‘I Got a Girl’ or ‘Conchita’, God you’re so main steam!”

Or maybe you’re at a wedding and everybody starts to do the Cupid Shuffle… “God it’s like these people let Ryan Seacrest pick their music for them – as a true fan I know this is actually his worst song, ‘Happy Dance’ and ‘Do My Ladies Run This Party’ are songs that actually show Cupid’s musical talent.”

After doing this people will not know how to respond and will be stunned by your unique music taste. Knowing the unpopular songs of one-hit wonders – COULD BE THE MOVE!!

– Sweens

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2 Responses to Knowing The Unpopular Songs Of One Hit Wonders

  1. Frank J says:

    This move is classic! I am going to go crazy on Wikipedia looking up Sisqo’s other popular songs. Red-nex, Sir Mix a Lot, Chumbawamba and Semisonic are my new favorite bands — now I have to do some research on what songs I should like by them! This move will help me get all the ladies!

  2. bobbyd3 says:

    I’ll tell you what, you line up all of The Lemonheads songs and I don’t think “Mrs. Robinson” cracks the top 10. Killer band with so many good tunes.

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